Women during the gold rush essay

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California Gold Rush

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Women in the California Gold Rush

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Women During the California Gold Rush The California Gold Rush was an era in which people sought opportunity, and not just men, but women. In a sea of men, women had to adapt to the good and bad attention they received during this time.3/5(2).

The Alteration of Anglo-Women during the California Gold Rush The Gold Rush of California was a “shot heard” round the world that caught the ears of many individuals who were seeking the golden opportunities of the West.

Women of many different continents, statuses, classes, and races were involved in the California Gold Rush. The fast increasing population had very few women in it and what women there were found myriads of opportunities.

As word of the gold rush spread so did the word of opportunities for women to work in the women poor gold fields and communities. Women During the Gold Rush The Gold Rush was one of the most influential times in California History. During the four years from, new people flooded into the state.

People from many countries and social classes moved to California, and many of them settled in San Francisco. Women and the Gold Rush Essay by write Women and the Gold Rush This paper looks at the role of women during the California Gold Rush.

Women during the gold rush essay
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Women During the California Gold Rush Essay