The transformation of women in educating rita by willy russell

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Critic Reviews

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educating rita modern classics

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Characterization of Rita and Frank

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Into The World- Educating Rita

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Just when women where starting to say we should be at work not at home it must have been hard for Willy Russell. In the play Educating Rita Willy Russell has included a few details, which represent him as a person that he has included in the book.

Willy Russell’s play, Educating Rita is over three decades old. Reminiscent of the George Bernard Shaw play, Pygmalion, more popularly known by its musical rendition, My Fair Lady, the play.

Willy Russell’s career spans more than four decades; born in Liverpool inhe left school at 15, became a women’s hairdresser, part-time singer/songwriter performing on the local folk scene, before returning to education and becoming a teacher Whilst at St Katharine’s College, Willy.

When the heroine of 'Educating Rita' begins her personal crusade to gain an education by pursuing an open university course in English Literature, although she realises it will be hard work, she does not have any idea what she will lose as well as gain when she achieves her goal.

Educating Rita By Willie Russel 2. Educating Rita was first written and performed in the s.

Exploring Transitions in Educating Rita Essay

The play is actually set in the year that it was written, Chapter 4 is based on Rita’s home life and scene 4 of the play. Comment on Rita and Denny’s relationship as shown in the film. Creative Activity (based on Act 1 Scene ) Write Rita’s letter of application to the Open University. Imagine that you are Frank.

Write your diary entry for the evening after your first meeting with Rita.

The transformation of women in educating rita by willy russell
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Educating Rita – Assignment Example