The oval temple at khafaje

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The Temple Oval

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Sumer and the Sumerians

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Delougaz, Pierre Pinchas

As de Kooning once received:. the temple oval at khafaje: It is enclosed in an oval ' x '.

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Within the oval the arrangement was rectilinear with corners oriented NSEW directions. Of the three ascending terrace levels the lowest made the forecourt approached through an arched and lowered gateway from the town and having many-roomed building on one side.

a history of architecture: settings and rituals. spiro kostof book review presentation reviewed by madhu malukani (sa ) kostof’s approach. slide: temple development sin tempe, Khafaje Sin temple I ( BC), unlike earlier example, enclosed building. Forecourt in front, used for cultic activities.

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Sumerian Architecture Oval Temple- Khafaje • Oval temple is an example of second type of Sumerian temples • It was constructed around BC • The temple is named oval because of its massive oval walls surrounding the temple • Located in the city, emphasis in its organization is on enclosing space within courtyards *for educational.

We’ve got spoken in an earlier chapter about Delougaz’ excavations of the so-called Oval Temple at Khafaje and regretted that solely its plan could possibly be recovered, owing to the denuded state of its foundations.

The central drawback concerning the character of the temple itself remained unsolved. Reproduced by courtesy of University College London; (b) The Temple Oval at Khafaje, Iraq, first building complex, from The Temple Oval at Khafaje, Chicago, Reproduced by permission of the Oriental Institute of Chicago.

The oval temple at khafaje
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