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Economy of Russia

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Khrushchev’s Attempts at Modernisation Essay Sample

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AbstractThe essay discusses the multiple modernities approach in historical sociology and its relevance for the study of Russian modernisation.

From this perspective the imperial dimension of Russian modernisation has been emphasised by Johann Arnason who analyses the modernisation process in pre-revolutionary Russia and the imperial aspect of the Soviet model of modernity.

Stalin was under a growing amount of pressure from the deadlines of the five-year plans, he needed desperately to find a quick solution, collectivisation seemed like a way, not only to stay on track with the deadlines, but it seemed like a way to modernise the economy.

Stalin’s economic policies had one essential aim—the modernisation of the Soviet economy via two essential methods: collectivisation and industrialisation.

Beginning inmuch of Russia’s economy (in terms of agriculture and industry) was brought directly under state control. The Modernization of Russia. Later, in his efforts to force the Soviet Union out of the Great Depression, Josef Stalin forced peasants into collective farms.

The plan was a colossal failure, and many people starved while crops rotted in the fields.

How Successful Were Stalin’s Economic Policies in the 1930s?

Khrushchev’s Attempts at Modernisation Essay Sample. In March Stalin died. He had ruled the Soviet Union for twenty-five years.

How Successful Were Stalin’s Economic Policies in the 1930s?

A period of collective leadership followed until when Nikita Khrushchev appeared as the new Soviet leader. Modernisation Essay investing in the area. The result is miserable since an area that specialises in agricultural production cannot even feed its own citizens and has to import most of its agricultural produce from the rest of the nation.

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