The impact of my involvement in athletics on the transformation of my life

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Syracuse University Announces $118 Million Investment to Create a New Stadium Experience

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School Leadership

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Indian-American Ajay Nair of Emory University named President of Arcadia University

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SES4U1—University Destined Earth and Space Science This course develops students’ understanding of Earth and its place in the August 26, Alicia (Maher) Dominguez, a graduate of the Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law, appeared on a segment on NBC's "Dateline" about a murder in Ahwatukee and the subsequent murder trial of Dominguez's client.

· "My father lived a great life. He was a very respectable man and he did a lot for the people around him. It's always tragic when somebody's taken away, but he made an impact She and her husband, Richard Hoefer, regularly collaborate. She is a medical oncologist, and he is a surgical oncologist.

Together, they made an $8 million bequest to support Duke Cancer Institute’s mission to bridge boundaries to advance multidisciplinary cancer As senior vice president and dean of Campus Life, Nair led more than 20 departments, from intercollegiate athletics and the Greek experience to Student Health Services, Residence Life and more.

· On January 1, Leslie Stevenson will be sworn in as a city councilor for Ward 1 in Norwood, Ohio. A alumna of the Gender, Leadership, and Public Policy (GLPP) graduate certificate program at UMass Boston’s McCormack Graduate School, Stevenson says she was motivated to run by the need for change in her own city.

“There were things I didn’t like in my community and I wanted to

The impact of my involvement in athletics on the transformation of my life
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