The factors contributing to the rise of homeless lgbt teens in america

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Why Do Young People Become Homeless in America?

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LGBT Homelessness

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America’s Shame: 40% of Homeless Youth Are LGBT Kids

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More than half (54%) of respondents indicated that abuse in their family was another important factor contributing to LGBT homelessness. Statistically, LGBT youth make up no more than 10% of that population segment, yet total 40% of homeless youth.

It is clear, therefore, that the increase in female headed households over the last twenty years has, at least to some extent, been a contributing factor to the increase in the rate of homelessness in America.

The vast majority of youth do not become homeless by choice. Many different factors contribute to youth homelessness, but studies suggest that there are common paths to homelessness for young people. Homelessness and Runaway Homelessness is a major social concern in the United States, and youth may be the age group most at risk of becoming homeless.

1 The number of youth who have experienced homelessness varies depending on the age range, timeframe, and definition used, but sources estimate that betweenand million youth are.

Young homeless people often become homeless in order to escape violence or abuse happening in their homes such as physical and sexual abuse and neglect. This includes LGBTQ youth (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered or questioning). Approximately 40% of homeless teens identify as LGBT. Family rejection on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity was the most frequently cited factor contributing to LGBT .

The factors contributing to the rise of homeless lgbt teens in america
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What are the major contributing factors to homelessness in the U.S.? | Coalition