The evolution of humans and its predecessors in the story of the human body a book by daniel lieberm

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Humans, which share this characteristic, have. great ins ight from fu rthe r unravel ing the evolution ary root s of human speech – in contra st to Noam C homsky ’s lack of interest i n thi s subject.’. The Story of the Human Body: Evolution, Health and Disease by Daniel Lieberman – review.

The evolutionary approach produces some counterintuitive surprises. Fresh fruit juices are as much junk food as a cola drink – they produce a sugar rush, so it's better to eat fresh fruit with its additional fibre; chewing gum as a child is a healthy pastime.

The Story of the Human Body is a reliable guide to a problem that is going to get worse before it gets better.” —The Guardian “In thoroughly enjoyable and edifying prose, Lieberman leads a fascinating journey through human evolution.

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He comprehensively explains how evolutionary forces have shaped the human species as we know itReviews: The Story of the Human Body does full justice to those stories, to that evidence and to that detail, and brings them to bear on daily health and well-being, individual and collective.”.

—The Washington Post. “[Lieberman] is a true expert in a system where architecture and history intersect: the human foot.5/5(3). If human evolution is ongoing, what factors are influencing it, asks Daniel Lieberman in his new book. The effect the modern western diet has had on our health and wellbeing has been a rumbling.

The evolution of humans and its predecessors in the story of the human body a book by daniel lieberm
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Cranial biomechanics and feeding performance of sharks