The classification of outliers psychology essay

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Task What is the fundamental difference between experimental and correlational research? In a word, causality. In experimental research we manipulate a variable (predictor, independent variable) to see what effect it has on another variable (outcome, dependent variable). Freud is generally considered the father of psychology, and he certainly did not engage in rigorous science.

Psychology has long been the domain of wild speculation and Saying Things In An Authoritative Voice rather than actual science. When One Shape Does Not Fit All: A Commentary Essay on the Use of Graphs in Psychological Research Massimiliano Pastore 1 *, Francesca Lionetti 2 and Gianmarco Altoè 1 1 Department of Developmental and Social Psychology, University of Padova, Padova, Italy.

Some Observations About the Data. My goal for this essay was not to engage in detailed statistical analysis. Rather, I wanted to verify that useful data is available for free from a readily accessible source, a necessary step before progressing to part two of this essay.

Outliers are often caused by human error, such as errors in data collection, recording, or entry. Data from an interview can be recorded incorrectly, upon data entry.

Outliers may cause from intentional or motivated misreporting.

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Many times the outliers come when participants purposefully report incorrect data to experimenters or surveyors.

The classification of outliers psychology essay
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