The civil war against bashar assads regime in syria

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Bashar al-Assad

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Syria's civil war explained from the beginning

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Why Is There a Civil War in Syria?

President Bashar al-Assad of Syria has confounded many observers by holding on to power for more than seven years in the face of a rebellion by a large part of the population. Unlike his former. During the Syrian Civil War, multiple opposition and anti-Assad parties in the conflict accused Assad of collusion with ISIS; several sources have claimed that ISIS prisoners were strategically released from Syrian prisons at the beginning of the Syrian Civil War in Those who want to prevent Syria from becoming a place of retreat for international terrorists must help to end the war against Assad as quickly as possible.

After all, only a transitional government formed by consensus can unite the Syrians in the war against terrorism. Jun 22,  · Bashar al-Assad goes on to clearly state that there are no Iranian bases in Syria but that it is within Syria's rights to ask Iran to establish bases in Syria.

Here is a link to the interview in its A Political Junkie.

The Assad Regime: Iran's Proxy in the Syrian Civil War

Syria's conflict began in after the mass uprising against Assad's rule met a brutal government crackdown. The violence escalated and the country descended into a civil war that has claimed up.

Syria's Assad offers amnesty to army deserters

In a proxy war between a U.S.–Sunni alliance and the Russian–Iranian alliance in Syria, the U.S. would be fighting not only Assad, Putin, and Rouhani but, it would appear, also the Christians.

The civil war against bashar assads regime in syria
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