Projections of the plasma membrane

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What is the plasma membrane cell membrane?

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3 Types of Cell Surface Projection | Cell Biology

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3 Types of Cell Surface Projection | Cell Biology

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Difference Between Cilia and Microvilli

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Structure of Microvilli Microvilli are thin, short projections that stick out from the surface of a cell. small fingerlike projections on the plasma membrane that increase the cell's ability to absorb substances.

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Microvilli: In some cells the membrane is thrown into minute fingerlike projections or folds called microvilli which greatly increase the surface area of the cell availab le for absorption or passage of materials and for the binding of signaling molecules.

finger-like projections of the plasma membrane that greatly increase the surface area of the apical surface. In addition, some simple columnar epithelium possess another cell surface modification on their apical surface known as cilia.

Cilia are thread-like projections capable of wave-like motion and assist in propelling substances over the surface of the cells.

In various places in the body, cells are lined with microvilli, the small, finger-like projections of the plasma membrane. These greatly increase the surface area of the cell, because each of the folds gives a ton.

The surface area of the plasma membrane limits the exchange of materials between a cell and its environment. Some cells are specialized in the exchange of wastes or nutrients and have modifications to increase the area of the plasma membrane. For instance, the membranes of some nutrient-absorbing cells are folded into fingerlike projections called microvilli, singular, microvillus.

Projections of the plasma membrane
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3 Types of Cell Surface Projection | Cell Biology