My mother taught me the importance of hard work

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Instilled Quotes

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25 Important Life Lessons I Learned From My Father

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What My Mother Taught Me About Leadership

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5 Financial Lessons My Mother Taught Me

Apr 29,  · We believe in hard work, aspiration and personal potential as equally as we do love, patience and generosity. Here are some of the most important lessons my mother taught me. Put family first. Being there for me was incredibly important to my mother.

It was an intention, a goal, a foundational and constant action item on her personal.

My mother taught me.....

My childhood was probably pretty typical for a young girl growing up in the fifties and sixties. Mom stayed at home with us kids while Dad went to work.

Mom was burdened with mundane housework and playing referee to frequent arguments between my older sister and me. She was a member of the PTA and. Mom often expressed to me that my father worked hard for the money he earned. She was determined not to spend it foolishly.

My mother pinched and saved as much as she could. Nov 10,  · I was raised by a strong, praying, single mother who taught me and my brothers everyday the importance of hard work and service. Today was the least I could do to honor our state’s women veterans this # VeteransDayWeekend.

My mom taught me that I can always find something to smile about all I have to do is look closer. 9. who showed you that hard work pays off, who showed you that you can love someone unconditionally.

10 Things You Learn From Being Raised By A Strong Mother is cataloged in Family, Love, Moms. What? I said. Her voice quivered as she said, Oh, it’s just that you and your sister are doing such world-changing, important work. I’m so proud of you.

Sometimes I wish I’d done something important, something world-changing—so you two could be as proud of me as I am of you.

My mother taught me the importance of hard work
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