Gun control in the usa

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Four countries with gun control – and what America could learn from them

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US gun control

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Gun control

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8 facts about gun control in the US

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Gun control (or firearms regulation) is the set of laws or policies that regulate the manufacture, sale, transfer, possession, modification, or use of firearms by civilians.

Most countries have a restrictive firearm guiding policy, with only a few legislations being categorized as permissive. Jurisdictions that regulate access to firearms typically restrict access to only certain categories. Arizona students' stand on gun control switches to voter registration On the road to the ballot box: anti-gun violence bus tour aims to turn out youth of color Published: 16 Aug Nov 16,  · Gun Control Groups Eclipse N.R.A.

in Election Spending. The financial dominance of the National Rifle Association was topped by gun control groups that helped win the House for Democrats. The Gun Control Act of (GCA), which regulates firearms at the federal level, requires that citizens and legal residents must be at least 18 years of age to purchase shotguns or rifles and.

Gun politics in the United States

Other studies comparing gun control laws in different U.S. states include a study which found that in the United States, "stricter state firearm legislation is associated with. Mexico has some of the strictest gun control laws in the world and yet, inMexico had 11, gun murders ( gun homicides perpeople) compared to the United States that had 9, gun homicides ( perpeople).

Gun control in the usa
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