Choosing the career paths of an architecture of fashion merchandising

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Career Paths in Art. Some careers in art, such floral design, require a high school diploma or the equivalent. Others, such as animators and fashion designers, require a bachelor’s degree. Whatever the path one takes, the variety of concentrations and specializations in art school are many – and can each lead to a variety of creative careers.

Apparel Merchandising

Design & Merchandising Major. A Design & Merchandising (D&M) degree from the Westphal College of Media Arts & Design combines creativity and business across the fashion and lifestyle industries. The career path to fashion merchandising is as challenging as it is rewarding.

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You must be driven, creative, and resourceful, as fashion merchandisers have a keen insight into what will sell and what is destined for failure. The College of Architecture and Environmental Design offers students a hands-on approach to working in all aspects of the built environment, from designing homes and gardens to.

Fashion merchandising involves wearing many hats within the fashion industry, sometimes juggling them and sometimes focusing on one area exclusively.

The most important functions include product development and production, promoting the merchandise, and buying materials from suppliers. 2D Animation, BA (Hons) If you want a career in 2D and Stop Motion for Film and TV, then this is the course for you.

You will develop the skills to work in the animated film and TV industry as a 2D artist, animator, stop-motion artist, model maker, CG modeller, and compositor in animation.

Choosing the career paths of an architecture of fashion merchandising
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