Best decision ever made

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The best decision I've ever made? Coming out at 65

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The best decision we ever made

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The Best Decision I Ever Made

So where do we guarantee?. My relationship with God gives me a life that really is worth living. The best decision I ever made was marrying my husband. He has brought so much peace and joy to my life.

He is my best friend and he makes me want to be the best version of myself. I have made quite a few significant, and beneficial, deicisions, but marrying him has been my best so far. Burnt Rice Lyrics: Talking to strangers online was the best decision I ever made / Reality is lemons and the Internet's my lemonade / Talking to strangers online was the best decision I ever made.

“It was the best decision I’ve ever made,” Davis said. “I wouldn’t be the person or musician that I am and would not feel as comfortable as I do in my skin, in my music, and as a creator, if had I not met Professor Whitaker.”. Nov 21,  · I am SO EXCITED to begin this Harry Potter series!

I am obsessed, and overly ecstatic. I love pursuing my hobbies to the fullest 💕💕 I also can't wait to expl. So I would say "Joining AA was the best decision I have ever made." That covers any decision up to the present. That covers any decision up to the present.

For a helpful timeline chart depicting the meaning of English tenses go here.

Best decision ever made
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