Best american essays 2010 edited christopher hitchens

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I voiced the insensitivity of my remark. Christopher Hitchens performed admirably as guest editor of The Best American Essays by selecting twenty-one uniformly strong essays on their merits as pieces of writing, rather than on their subject matter or political viewpoints, as happens in some years of this series.

The provocative and best-selling author Christopher Hitchens takes the helm of the twenty-fifth anniversary edition of this perennial favorite that is reliable and yet still surprisingthe best of the best” (Kirkus Reviews). To ask other readers questions about The Best American Essays /5.

He has edited numerous literary anthologies and written essays and reviews for periodicals nationwide. Editorial Reviews Now in its 26th incarnation, The Best American Essays series has boasted guest editors including Christopher Hitchens, Kathleen Norris, Stephen Jay Gould, and David Foster Wallace.3/5(5).

Christopher Hitchens; Books by Christopher Hitchens. Citing Atheists.

The Best American Essays

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Best american essays 2010 edited christopher hitchens
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