An introduction to the life of henry mccarty aka billy the kid

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9 Things You May Not Know About Billy the Kid

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Ida Soar, wife of J. According to historian and writer Chuck Usmar, one such man was Henry McCarty, aka Billy the Kid. Billy the Kid A recording of Clark Hust, a cowboy who reportedly worked on a ranch with the infamous gunslinger, brings us the fact that Billy the Kid spoke fluent Irish.

"Henry McCarty aka “Billy the Kid” Billy is most famous for avenging his boss, cattle rancher John Tunstall, during the Lincoln County War Born in Billy was just a teenager when he became." "Billy the Kid (William Henry McCarty, Jr.) was credited with the killing of between 15 and 26 men, depending on varying sources.".

Billy the Kid’s real name was William Henry McCarty (1), when and where he was born, or who or what happened to his father is not known. It’s estimated that he was born around possibly in.

Might the Willy McCarty listed in the Census returns for Lebanon, N.J., be the young man recorded in Western lore as Billy the Kid? It warrants consideration and further study. Hopefully these clues will shed more light on the puzzle and give researchers a clearer.

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Billy The Kid

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An introduction to the life of henry mccarty aka billy the kid
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"Billy the Kid's" Real Name was Not William H. Bonney