An analysis of the creation of similarity between computers and the human mind

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The Similarities between the Human Brain and a CPU

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Humans vs Computers: Similarities Loading Now Part I

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Computer vs human memory

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STUDY. - showed that machines could perform intelligent human functions - provided a model/metaphor for how the mind might work What is a similarity between computers and humans?

humans and computers: translate incoming info into a different form, have capacity for executing a logical decision chain. Computers used to be rare, expensive, and hard to use.

Now, smart machines are cheap and ubiquitous. Soon, we will be online all the time, along with most of our appliances, tools, and vehicles. Computers can continue to store memories as they add more RAM.

The information is never lost and The computer also stores information in a more orderly way the human brain. COMPARISON BETWEEN THE HUMAN BRAIN AND THE COMPUTER. Mar 29,  · Isn't the main difference between a computer and the human brain this: a computer uses a programme to process data but the human brain processes data and processes programmes which process data (to improve the data processing programmes and.

Computers and humans both have a brain, some sort of input and output, memory, and a nervous system.

An analysis of the creation of similarity between computers and the human mind
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