A satire of the russian government in nikolai erdmans the suicide

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Why not revive Nikolai Erdman’s “The Suicide”?

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Nikolai Erdman

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The Suicide

Read more about this case here. Obereu - fact, criticality, metafiction. Nikolia Erdman (playwright) was born in in Czarist Russia. He was only fifteen when the Bolsheviks took over, and not yet twenty when he began working in the theatre in political cabaret.

In he collaborated on a comic revue Moscow from a Point of View, which opened the Moscow Theatre of Satire. Post-revolution Russia needed great plays.

Nikolai Erdman provided them with his savage political satires. But Stalin was not amused. Aug 10,  · His plays, notably The Suicide (), form a link in Russian literary history between the satirical drama of Nikolai Gogol and the post- World War II Theatre of the Absurd.

Early life Born to parents of Baltic German descent, Erdman was reared in Moscow. Erdman was born in Moscow on 16 Novemberthe son of a Baltic-German father and a Russian mother. Before he was even 20, the young writer had witnessed failed uprisings against the corrupt and backward administration of Tsar Nicholas II, Russia’s disastrous experience in the First World War, the Tsar’s abdication, the Bolshevik.

It was hailed as the first "Soviet" comedy, and Erdman was compared to every great Russian playwright or comic writer of the past - Nikolai Gogol, Mikhail Saltykov-Schedrin, Alexander Sukhovo.

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A satire of the russian government in nikolai erdmans the suicide
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